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Hydroelectric dams are a critical component in energy generation in many South Asian countries. Asia Pacific is the fastest growing market for hydroelectric dam development with 13.2 GW of installed capacity in 2018 with Europe having installed 2.3 GW by comparison.

The Philippines has a 3,701 MW installed capacity providing 10% of the country's energy requirements through its 62 hydro-dams. In the Philippines all dams are classed as structures of national interest as they are required for electricity generation and water management.

The National Power Corporation (NPC) manages the 22 large dams in the Philippines and conducts semi-annual inspections. Inspections are also required after an earthquake to assess the stability of the dam structure. In April 2019, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake on the island of Luzon damaged five dams, requiring the dams to be shut down and immediate repairs costing £800,000. The Philippines has on average 17 perceptible earthquakes a year.